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We have a rule in our house that you bring it all to the table. Nothing is too big, too scary, too terrible, or too embarrassing to share openly. Usually discussions about hard things happen in the warmth of our bed. I don't know why, but difficult conversations feel easier to have when we're cozy under the sheets.  
Through the sharing of experiences, tough moments, hard questions, and all of the messy things in between, our family bond grows stronger and stronger. We want our kids to feel comfortable with all of their stories, not just the exciting or happy ones. The social media filled world that we live in tries to convince us that the only stories worth telling are the ones that make our lives look seamless. But the bottom line is, we are a collection of all of the things that happen in our lives - the good and the hard. 

Each moment matters and makes us who we are, so we choose to share them all. 



Most of us have traveled many miles to get where we're at. 

Raising Roots Coffee Co. is centered on the belief that stories are worth telling, and what's better than telling them while sharing a cup of coffee. 

Invite them over, brew some coffee, share your stories; one of the loveliest life rhythms. 



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