Our Story



The heartbeat of our family gatherings is coffee. It accompanies conversation and connection in our lives. 

We brew it in the chaos of our morning routines, with two girls, two dogs, and two businesses to run. 

We sometimes brew it in the afternoon to help us move more easily into evening activities with our girls, connecting with friends and family, and helping our community in small ways. 

And then in the evenings, it's not rare for us to hold a cup of coffee as we slow down to reflect on the day and recharge for the next one.  

We are a young entrepreneurial couple who love our small town in Bellville, Oh. We were born and raised here, ventured out to obtain various degrees, and realized that our dreams involved moving back to our roots. 

We believe in the importance and significance of small businesses. Four years ago we began the process of taking over a family business and are energized by the rhythms of small business life. 

We are honored to provide coffee for the various rhythms of your life. 


With much love, 

The Smiths 

Raising Roots Coffee Co.