It's the small business life

We never thought we would be in this place. 

We never thought we would leave our nursing jobs in order to run two, now three, small businesses in the town where we grew up. 

But we're learning that sometimes our plans and lanes change and we end up on unexpected paths. 

One of my dear friends always tells me that no path is a waste to walk. With each path comes countless opportunities to deepen our understanding of ourselves, others, the power of hard work, and life in general. We are presented with many choices: how will we choose to engage with this day? how will we make an impact in small or big ways? what will we try to cultivate or change on this path? And many more. 

Our hearts beat for small business life. We believe in investing in our community and developing the economy as much as we can. We participate in our community because in small, slow ways, we know we are changing it the way dripping water changes stone. 

Charlie walked that path over 20 years ago and his journey was not a waste. 

CmeBrew led to all of you. 
It led to the growth of our small town.
The development of community - near and far. 
It harnessed the connecting ability of coffee.
And it resulted in one of the sweetest friendships between Charlie and our family. 

We tell Charlie often how grateful we are for his patience, his belief in us, and most importantly his life. 

When we find ourselves in unexpected positions, we can practice approaching them with curiosity instead of fear. We are learning more about leaning into the possibility of expanding ourselves and our skills, instead of only seeing the hard work required to get there.

We never thought we would be in this place, but it's the best place we could be. 


We're thankful you're here. Thanks for allowing us to provide high quality coffee to you, and your friends and family. 
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