Roasting Reminders

It's all a process.

My grandmother used to say these words more than any others. She knew what it meant to struggle, and spent her life learning how to lean into processes of change. 

When I'm in the roasting room, I think of her life and rich lessons. 

Roasting is becoming one of my favorites processes. 

Many of our customers know the ins and outs of coffee roasting - you might fall into this category. We also have a large group that enjoy quality coffee but don't know much about the process. If that's you, we're starting with the basics.


Our roasting room is a space of processes. We participate in and witnesses the transformation of each bean.  

This rhythm of roasting allows us space to think, reflect, and move through our own processes. 

If you're in the middle of a process - whether it's uncomfortable, unwanted, or overwhelming - it's possible to reframe your perspective of it. 

Maybe it will be transformative, and maybe each cup you brew can be a reminder of that. 
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