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Charlie's Special

Charlie's Special

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This blend was created by our good friend and master roaster Charlie. He built this business and passed it on to us here at Raising Roots Coffee Co! We wanted to keep this special blend in honor of Charlie and his coffee roasting legacy. 

*** If you buy 3 1lb bags of Charlie's Special, you'll receive 15% off of your order!

Charlie's Special is a blend of arabica beans produced by a shrub native to East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. This blend is known for its sweeter, smoother, and fruitier taste, and acidity. It contains less caffeine than Robusta beans and is best used for drip coffee or pour-over brew methods. 

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Care information

Don't store your coffee in a cabinet near your stove or any space where it will get to warm.

We recommend not placing it in direct sunlight because it could dilute the flavor.

Use the original packaging with an airtight seal or a clip in order to keep air out.

Make sure your package or container is resealed tightly after each use.

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