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Christmas Coffee Boxes - PICKUP ONLY

Christmas Coffee Boxes - PICKUP ONLY

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If you're doing any last minute Christmas shopping for special people in your life, our Christmas Coffee Boxes are a great gift option. Each box comes with two bags of coffee, two mugs, a hand-towel, and a Christmas postcard. You have two options for your box: 

1. We will select all of the items and have the box ready for you upon pickup. 


2. You can reserve a box today, and simply make the final selections (the type of coffee and mugs), when you stop in to pick it up. 

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Care information

Don't store your coffee in a cabinet near your stove or any space where it will get to warm.

We recommend not placing it in direct sunlight because it could dilute the flavor.

Use the original packaging with an airtight seal or a clip in order to keep air out.

Make sure your package or container is resealed tightly after each use.

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